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packing kit - moving boxes
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1 to 2 Room Moving Kit
This packing kit includes the below moving boxes and supplies

10 Medium boxes (18' X 14' X 12')
5 Large boxes (20' X 20' X 15')
1 Permanent black marker
Bubble wrap (40' X 12'') 5/16"
Packing tape (55 yard X 2" wide)
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Whether you are moving to a new house or apartment, our 1 to 2 bedroom packing kit will help make your packing easy. Our packing kit includes an assortment of high-quality cardboard boxes and moving supplies. This kit includes10 medium boxes, 5 large boxes,1 permanent box marker, bubble wrap and packing tape. These durable boxes are versatile and capable of holding the most fragile items and the heaviest of items. All of our boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective frame box.


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High-End Bedroom Packing Kit For Your Master Bedroom and Guestroom
Moving to a new house, apartment or condo can be stressful if your move is not well planned. In addition to planning and organizing for your next move, we recommend our customers to use quality moving boxes and moving supplies. We know that you take pride in your possessions, why not use the best products to protect your belongings during your next move. Using high-end moving boxes and supplies is not a luxury but a necessity.
Our 1 to 2 bedroom packing kit can hold your bedroom items such as your bed sheets,moving blankets, bed spread and comforter, curtains and much more. 
Try our new 1 to 2 bedroom packing kit. This bedroom packing kit has a variety of cardboard boxes and moving and packing supplies. We have even included everything that you need for your next move. The kit consists of includes10 medium moving boxes (18' X 14' X 12'), 5 large boxes (20' X 20' X 15'), 1 permanent box marker, bubble wrap (40' X 12'') 5/16" and packing tape (55 yard X 2" wide). Whether you have fragile items to pack or you have heavy items, our durable and sturdy moving boxes will protect you valuables. We guarantee your satisfaction and best of all, we offer free shipping. Contact us today and find out how you can save money by using our quality moving boxes and supplies.



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