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packing kit - 5 to 6 bedroom
Included moving supplies are listed to the right


5 to 6 Room Moving Kit
This packing kit includes the below moving boxes and supplies

50 Medium boxes (18' X 14' X 12')
25 Large boxes (20' X 20' X 15')
5 Permanent black marke
Bubble wrap (200' X 12'') 5/16"
Packing tape (275 yard X 2" wide)
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We make packing easy with our 5 to 6 bedroom packing kit. This kit provides you with a combination of high-quality cardboard boxes & moving supplies. This kit is compose of 50 medium boxes, 25 large boxes, 5 permanent box marker, bubble wrap and packing tape. Our boxes are durable and capable of holding the most fragile items and the heaviest items. We make sure that our customers have every thing they need for their next move. All of our boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective frame box.


Learn more about our Moving Boxes and Supplies

From Boxes To Bubble Wrap, Moving Supplies At The World's Best Prices
If you have to store or move your household or office goods, you will need a lot of cardboard moving boxes, that's for sure. What is also quite certain is that you won't find higher quality or better prices that what we offer right here. From moving boxes to packing tape and everything else you need to pack you place up right, we have it all, in stock, available now, with free shipping. You just can't beat that.
We do a lot more than simply sell and ship moving supplies. We assist you in the planning process by maintaining an extensive collection of moving tips and advice. And we go that one better by putting together special packing kits that have everything from cardboard moving boxes to bubble wrap and tape, and are designed for different sizes of homes and offices. We have done our homework so that you can save time, money and energy.
For example, our 5-6 bedroom packing kits has 50 medium moving boxes (18"x14"x12"), 25 large boxes (20"x20"x15") , 5 permanent black markers, a big roll of bubble wrap (200'x12") and a 275-yard, 2" wide roll of premium packing tape. You can use the kit as is, or add packing paper or stretch wrap, perhaps even furniture blankets for extra protection. We know you need a lot more than cardboard moving boxes. In fact, you need more than just boxes and supplies, too. You need to pull off your move without overspending on anything, and that's where we can help you the most. High quality, low prices, moving tips and free shipping sounds like a winning combination. Call or write today with any questions!



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