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6 to 7 Room Moving Kit
This packing kit includes the below moving boxes and supplies

60 Medium boxes (18' X 14' X 12')
30 Large boxes (20' X 20' X 15')
12 Extra large boxes (23' X 23' X 16')
6 Permanent black marker
Bubble wrap (240' X 12'') 5/16"
Packing tape (330 yard X 2" wide)
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Have you been searching for a durable packing kit for your bedroom items? Our 6 to 7 bedroom variety kit provides you with an assortment of cardboard boxes and moving supplies. Our high-quality kits contain the moving essentials: 60 medium boxes, 30 large boxes, 6 permanent box marker, bubble wrap and packing tape. Our boxes are designed to hold your heavy bedroom items and your most fragile items. Our boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective frame box.



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The Best Quality And The Lowest Prices On All Kinds Of Moving Supplies
Pity those unfortunate souls who find out, in the middle of packing boxes for their move across the city or state, which the cardboard is flimsy and the tape won't hold. They just wasted time, money and energy that they can never get back. We can tell you one more thing we know for sure about these hypothetical folks: They didn't shop here. If the had, they would have gotten high-quality packing boxes that were up to the job, because that's all we carry.
We carry only the highest quality tape, moving blankets and other moving supplies, too, in addition to the best packing boxes. Our prices are the best because, frankly, we know this business and we drive hard bargains. This way we can offer you the best for less, which is a winning proposition every time. We also help you plan and execute your move with helpful moving tips, and our staff is knowledgeable and courteous, as well. Call or write to us and we will prove it, gladly!
If you need boxes for packing up a large home or office, our 6-7 bedroom packing kit is the way to go. It has 60 medium moving boxes (18"x14"x12"), 30 large boxes (20"x20"x15"), 12 extra large boxes(23"x23"x16") , 6 permanent black markers, a massive (240'x12") roll of bubble wrap and a 330-yard, 2" wide roll of premium packing tape. You may opt to add extra protection with our packing paper, furniture blankets or plastic stretch wrap. Whatever you need, you can be certain to find it here at the lowest possible price.



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