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packing kits - medium boxes
Included moving supplies are listed to the right


8 to 9 room moving kit
This packing kit includes the below moving boxes and supplies

80 Medium boxes (18' X 14' X 12')
40 Large boxes (20' X 20' X 15')
8 Permanent black marker
Bubble wrap (320' X 12'') 5/16"
Packing tape (440 yard X 2" wide)
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Our new 8 to 9 bedroom packing kit provides you with a variety of cardboard boxes and moving supplies with the highest quality. This kit has 80 medium boxes, 40 large boxes, 8 permanent box marker, bubble wrap and packing tape. We make sure that our customers have all they need for moving. Durability is king! Our boxes are capable of holding heavy bedroom items and even the most delicate items. All of our boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective frame box.


Learn more about our Moving Boxes and Supplies

When it comes time to move an entire household or office, things can get confusing very quickly. Just finding the right packing supplies can be a chore because everywhere you look, dealers claim to have the lowest prices. That is an easy claim to make but it is not always backed up with facts. When we make a claim, it's something that you can check out on your own and see that it's true. And we don't claim to be the cheapest.
Our claim is a proud one: We have the high quality packing supplies you need at the best possible prices, and are happy to prove it. From bubble wrap to paper moving pads, we stock only the very best, and our bulk purchasing power translates into deep discounts for you. But one thing we never discount, of course, is quality. That's why our claim includes that word, "quality," and never just the word "cheap."
We also save you money by assembling packing kits that get you yet another discount off our single-item prices. Our 8-9 bedroom packing kit contains 80 medium boxes(18"x14"x12") , 40 large boxes (20"x20"x15") , 8 permanent black markers, a huge (320'x12") roll of bubble wrap and a 440-yard, 2" wide roll of premium packing tape. That tape roll is a full quarter-mile long! You can add additional packing supplies to your order, like furniture blanket and packing paper, should you have items that require extra protection. One protection you have, regardless of what you buy, is price protection, because you won't find similar quality packing supplies anywhere at the prices we can offer. Save your time (and your money) by getting everything you need for you move right here. We are ready to help you now!



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