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Packing Kits

Packing kit 1 to 2 bedroom
Packing kit 2 to 3 bedroom
Packing kit 3 to 4 bedroom
Packing kit 4 to 5 bedroom
Packing kit 5 to 6 bedroom
Packing kit 6 to 7 bedroom
Packing kit 7 to 8 bedroom
Packing kit 8 to 9 bedroom
Office packing kit
Student packing kit

Moving Boxes

Wardrobe moving boxes
Medium moving boxes
Large moving boxes
Extra large moving boxes
Kitchen moving boxes
Frame moving boxes
File moving boxes

Moving Supplies

Paper moving pads
Bubble wrap
Matress covers
Moving blankets
Tape dispenser
Packing paper
Edge corners protectors
Stretch wrap
Wrap pack & Seal
Packing tape


extra large boxes - moving boxes


Extra large moving boxes includes

10 Extra large boxes
Size - 23'X23'X16'
Delivered flat in a protective frame box
Free Shipping

Need extra large moving boxes? Our extra large moving boxes are designed to pack lamps, comforters, bathroom
item, kitchen items, and much more. We offer an assortment of box sizes and shapes. We take pride in offering the best quality durable cardboard. Don't forget that our extra large boxes are huge boxes, don't make them to heavy! Our extra large boxes are shipped flat in a protective frame box, which is perfect for packing large items


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When it's time to move, your life will seem to accelerate into high speed at times and slow down to a crawl at others. The best thing you can do to keep things on an even keel is to plan your move and take logical steps to complete the task. When it comes time to buy moving boxes and moving supplies, we have made it as easy and effective as humanly possible.
We have every size and kind of boxes in addition to every other kind of moving supply imaginable. We have the best prices anywhere on the best quality merchandise. When you buy your moving boxes from us, you are guaranteed the finest quality, and shipping is free. The Extra large boxes are the best choice to pack big items and your belongings.



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