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matress covers - twin


Twin matress covers Includes

Size - (54 X 8 X 90)
Free Shipping

Keep your mattress clean and dirt free on your next moved. Our durable twin mattress covers will help protect your mattress from the wear and tare associated with moving. Our twin mattress covers includes three sizes for your convenience. The mattress cover sizes include: twin, queen, and king. In addition, our covers offer great protection for your box spring, large paintings and even your mirrors.


matress covers - queen


Queen matress covers includes

Size - (60 X 8 X 90)
Free Shipping

Our mattress covers will help protect your mattress from dirt and grim that can occur from moving. For your convenience, our mattress cover sizes include three sizes.  The mattress cover sizes are twin, queen, and king. If you want to protect your mattress covers and even your box spring from damage, our queen mattress cover is the solution.  In addition, our mattress covers also provide great protection your large paintings and mirrors.


matress covers - king


King matress covers includes

Size - (78 X 8 X 90)
Free Shipping

Are you frustrated with discovering a dirty mattress after moving and want to avoid having a ruined mattress on your next move? We have the perfect solution for you.  Our new mattress covers will help you to protect your mattress from dirt and grime associated with moving. For your convenience we offer three different sizes: twin, queen, and king. Our mattress covers are perfect protection for your box spring, large paintings and your mirrors.


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The Highest Quality and Lowest Prices for All Your Moving Supplies!!!
Statistics show that Americans move as much or more than any other people on earth. Some families will move every two years during the head of the household’s peak career years (30s and 40s). Some of these folks have said that they feel like they've been living out of moving boxes for years.
Whatever reason you have for relocating, you are going to need moving boxes, perhaps a lot of them. One little-known advantage of buying quality moving boxes, even at the kind of deep discount that we offer, is that you can more efficiently ship them when they are of similar sizes. That is, if you buy the same medium-size moving boxes for all of your office supplies, they can be stacked and shipped in a space- and time-saving manner.
So that everything you move is protected as much as possible, we even carry three different sizes of mattress covers: twin (54x8x90), queen (60x8x90) and king (78x8x90). In addition to being the best protection for mattresses and box springs, these high-quality items can be used to wrap or cushion paintings, mirrors and other fragile, oversized pieces. Do your move with us, and we'll help you do it right.



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