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Packing your items for moving


Without packing your belongings, there is no way you can move to your new location. So here we have provided some packing tips for you to make your moving easier for you and for the moving company too. Some moving companies will come in and do the packing for you, but it will include additional costs, so if you want to save on cost, then go ahead and get the moving boxes and packing supplies and then you can do the packing yourself. You can purchase packing peanuts from the moving company.

Here is a list of tips to help you with your packing:

. To save time, start by packing several moving boxes each day. It can get quite exhausting if you wait until the last minute and try to do everything in one day. Make sure that you won't need any of the items you are packing in the moving boxes before you move.
. Make sure you get lots of paper, blankets and pillows or clothing as a buffer for items that are breakable.
. Pack each moving boxes room by room and make sure you use a black marker to label each box
. Use bubble wrap to pack small items that are fragile
. Use different color stickers to also identify each packing box so that when you get to the new location, you will be able to color code and make it easier to unpack.
. Use newspaper to wrap any glass items
. Use clean moving carton boxes and ones that are sturdy to prevent from coming apart. Stay away from supermarket boxes. They are not strong enough.
. Get the right size moving boxes so that it can fit in the moving truck.
. Do not include anything like bottled gas, aerosol cans, household cleaning fluids that can be hazardous or any paint.
. Do not pack anything like legal documents, financial documents, stamp collections, jewelry, insurance policies or passports. Take those along with you in your personal belongings on the day of the move. The moving company will not be responsible for any loss. If you follow these simple steps, it will make your move more manageable for both you and the moving company.

Moving supplies and packing boxes to make your moving easier.


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