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Packing Kits

Packing kit 1 to 2 bedroom
Packing kit 2 to 3 bedroom
Packing kit 3 to 4 bedroom
Packing kit 4 to 5 bedroom
Packing kit 5 to 6 bedroom
Packing kit 6 to 7 bedroom
Packing kit 7 to 8 bedroom
Packing kit 8 to 9 bedroom
Office packing kit
Student packing kit

Moving Boxes

Wardrobe moving boxes
Medium moving boxes
Large moving boxes
Extra large moving boxes
Kitchen moving boxes
Frame moving boxes
File moving boxes

Moving Supplies

Paper moving pads
Bubble wrap
Matress covers
Moving blankets
Tape dispenser
Packing paper
Edge corners protectors
Stretch wrap
Wrap pack & Seal
Packing tape

How you would plan your next move

If you want to have a low stress moving experience, then you should make sure you plan ahead. In this article, we will attempt to help you to plan your next move successfully. Ok, so now you have decided to move. You must have thought about where you are moving to and if you own a home, you must have put it up for sale and gone to closing unless you are doing a simultaneous close. Either way, our job is to give you tips on what to do next.

The moving process can be very time consuming, so plan ahead. Find out which moving company will meet your needs. Conduct some research on the Internet to get a feel for what services each moving company has to offer.If possible, get some online moving quotes to decide what your moving budget will be. Find out how long the moving truck company will take to get to your destination. Is it going to be an all day affair? You may want to take the day off from work to make sure everything goes smoothly.

If you try to do the move yourself, it can become quite a daunting task because then you have to find your own boxes for moving.Instead work with your moving company to supply the cheap moving supplies to help you with your packing or have them do the packing for you with their supply of shipping boxes. Not every moving company will do the packing for you, but most of them will.

Try to get your moving boxes before the move and do pre-packing. If the moving company will do the packing for you, get them to come to the house a week before. Get a black marker to label your moving boxes. When you mark the moving boxes, you will be able to tell the items in each box. Use a packing tape to finish your packing. You may also want to get a storage box in case you need one. If you are traveling abroad, you will need a few shipping boxes as well.

If you are prepared for your move, it will be much easier for you. Get the moving company involved if you need help. Don’t ever try to do it alone. If you try to do it yourself because you want to cut down on cost, it may just cost you more in the end.

Moving supplies and packing kits makes your moving easier.

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