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wadrobe boxes - moving boxes


Wardrobe moving boxes includes

3 Wadrobe boxes (18' X 14' X 12')
Size - 24'X24'X40'
3 Metal hanger bars
Free Shipping

Whether it is your winter, spring, summer or fall wardrobe, you can move your clothes from one closet to another within minutes! Wardrobe box ideal for shirts, blouses, sport coats and jackets. Directly from closet to box, clothing can stay on hangers. Wardrobe bar is included.  You can use them over and over again wardrobe boxes are great for  storing winter and summer clothes.


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High-Quality Wardrobe Moving Boxes
Clothes make both the man and woman. We know that you take pride in the clothes that you wear. Finding out that your wardrobe has been damaged during a move can be devastating and costly for anyone. Don't plan your next move without protecting one of your most valued possessions - your wardrobe. Packing your clothes in suitcases is simply not enough if you expect your clothes to arrive at your moving location safely. 
If you want to protect your clothes during your next move or you simply want to store your clothes safely in and out of season, try our wardrobe moving boxes. Our wardrobe moving boxes include 3 (18' X 14' X 12') sturdy wardrobe boxes. The actual size of our wardrobe moving boxes are 24'X24'X40'. So, you can pack your winter coats, summer swimwear, fall sweaters and much more. 
Also included with this product are 3 metal hangar bars. So, you can simply remove your clothes from your closet without the hassle of packing each item separately. Our wardrobe moving boxes are versatile and can be used for retail clothing storeowners who are moving merchandise from one store location to the next.
Try our high quality wardrobe moving boxes for business travel! Planning a fashion show or selling your clothing collection at a fashion trade show? Our high-quality wardrobe moving boxes will protect your merchandise from damage from the time it leaves your possession to the time it is delivered. We have everything that you need to make your next move almost effortless - we even offer free shipping and handling. 



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